Should I go to Nogales, Mexico for dental work?

Should I go to Nogales, Mexico for dental work?

Several Mexico border destinations are popular not only for dentistry but also for fun, experience, and entertainment.

Nogales, for instance, is a border city located just outside the Arizona border. Nogales is a great destination for affordable dentistry, but it is often overshadowed by Los Algodones, the most popular dental tourism destination across the border.

Here are the top reasons why you should go to Nogales for dental work:

1. You are within driving distance.

Nogales is convenient for Arizona residents. Nogales is only 2.5 hours from Phoenix. It is very popular among residents of Tucson, Arizona - you can save thousands by simply driving 1 hour to Nogales, Mexico. You can make a day trip to Nogales to complete your dental work without complicated travel planning.

Out-of-states residents have the option to take a flight and arrive at the nearest airport - Tucson International Airport. For detailed options on how to get there, you may refer to this article: How do I get to Nogales, Mexico for dental work?

2. You get considerable savings on your dental work.

Travel to Nogales and you save thousands on your dental work. The cost of dentistry in Nogales is more expensive (on average) among other Mexico border destinations such as Los Algodones or Tijuana. 

But Dayo Dental has preferred pricing with top dentists in Nogales. You are able to enjoy preferred (lower) prices on top of the estimated 50 - 70% savings you save by simply crossing the border to Mexico.

3. You will be seen by a highly qualified and reputable dental specialist.

Your treatment will be handled by a dental specialist who has had several years of experience and a very good track record in successfully treating patients. Here at Dayo Dental, we connect you to only the best dentists in Mexico. All of our partner dental specialists have been thoroughly screened and selected.

4. Multiple dental procedures can be done at the same dental facility.

You won't need to worry about having to visit different dental offices to get your treatment completed. Dayo Dental works with full-service facilities. Whatever dental work you need, from simple teeth cleaning to extensive treatments like dental implant surgeries, everything can be done at the same dental office. 

5. You get your dental work done faster.

Nogales dentists mostly see tourists. So procedures are pre-arranged to ensure you won't need to stay long. Often, you can complete your dental work within the same day or the following day. Even some complex implant surgery procedures such as All on 4 or Full Mouth Implants are completed in less than a week. Call Dayo Dental at 877-987-3296 so we can guide you on how to set up your procedures.

6. Dental facilities are within walking distance from the border.

The dental practices are conveniently located 2-3 blocks from the US-Mexico border. No need to go deep into Mexico. You can just simply walk to the dental offices in Nogales.

7. Explore what Nogales has to offer.

Aside from dentistry, Nogales is also known among tourists as an interesting, fun, and convenient destination. You will find several blocks of restaurants, hotels, bars, retail stores, and specialty souvenir shops.

Here are the top things you can do when in Nogales:

1. Get a taste of authentic Mexican food at one of the famous restaurants.

2. Retail stores abound across the border where you can shop for souvenirs.

3. Buy affordable prescription medications and eyeglasses.

4. Do sightseeing or visit popular Nogales attractions like the Nogales Art Museum and Plaza Pesqueira.

5. Pamper yourself with amazing spas without splurging on $$. Checkout this Spa.

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