Should I go to Los Algodones for dental work?

Should I go to Los Algodones for dental work?

Los Algodones is known among Canadians and Americans as the dental capital of the world. They call it the Molar City. It is a small tourist destination, but it welcomes hundreds of dental tourists everyday especially during the winter months.

It features dozens of dental practices, pharmacies, restaurants, and souvenir shops right across the US-Mexico border. They are located right next to each other. Almost all the dental offices offer the same full range of procedures − crowns, dental implants, All on 4, etc. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should go to Los Algodones, Mexico for dental work:

1. You live within driving distance to Los Algodones.

Los Algodones is a good destination for you if you are from the nearby states (AZ, CA, NV) and are able to drive for around 5 hours maximum. It is located South of Yuma, Arizona.

Here are the driving distances from the closest major cities:

Phoenix – 3.5 hours
San Diego – 2.5 hours
Los Angeles – 4 hours
Las Vegas – 4.45 hours
Yuma – 15 mins

2. All the Molar City dentists are within walking distance once you cross the border.

Like any other dental offices in Los Algodones, Dayo Dental’s partner dental offices are just 1-2 blocks away from the border. You also have the option to arrange for a border pickup to one of our partner dental offices once you cross.

3. Los Algodones has the highest concentration of dentists in one square mile.

Dayo Dental’s partner dental specialists are pre-screened based on their schooling, years of experience, advanced training level, state of the art facilities, and safety practices. Most primary dentists have extensive US training. We pre-screen dentists in the Dayo Dental Network to ensure you are getting only the top 5% of dentists in Los Algodones.

You can be assured that you will be seen by someone who is highly qualified and reputable to perform the dental work you need.

4. Los Algodones is not the main border entry.

Unlike other Mexican dental destinations, Los Algodones is not the main border entry. It is convenient and not as busy as other border towns.  Both the car lines and walking lines are not as busy.

5. You get your dental work done quickly. 

In Los Algodones, you can get your dental work done quickly. Dayo Dental’s partner dental offices are very good at getting the dental work started on your first visit. There are dental procedures that can be done on the same day or as early as the next-day depending on the type and complexity.

Tip: Block an early morning appointment if you are looking to get dental work done the same day. Block the first appointment on a Monday if you need extensive dental work such as dental implants. This will give your Los Algodones dentist plenty of time during the week to work on your case before you travel back.

6. In Los Algodones, almost everyone speaks English.

No need to worry if you can’t speak Spanish in Molar City. Most established dentists can speak fluent English. Although some dentists don't speak English, they would at least hire English-Speaking assistants to translate.

It is important to know if your dentist speaks English especially if you are getting major dental work. You need to communicate effectively and assess if you can trust your Los Algodones dentist.

Tip: Verify if your dentist speaks English before you travel.

7. Los Algodones is one of the safest cities in Mexico.

Some people are hesitant to travel to Mexico due to safety concerns. Sometimes your friends and family warn you against going to Mexico.

Oftentimes, however, the people giving your warnings have never been to Los Algodones themselves, let alone Mexico. What they don't know is that thousands of Americans and Canadians cross the border to Los Algodones for successful dental work every year. It's common to find hundreds of Americans and Canadians just like you in the streets of Los Algodones. People are friendly. You can walk freely anywhere in Molar City. 

For the past 15 years, Dayo Dental has sent thousands of Americans and Canadians to Los Algodones and we haven't had any safety issues. It is one of the safest cities in Mexico. 

8. Lastly, Los Algodones is also becoming a center for advanced training in dentistry.

Yes, even American dentists are now traveling to Los Algodones for dental training. Some dentists in the Dayo Dental Network train other Mexican and US dentists for dental implant surgery. You can be confident that your dentist has that advanced training and experience, even for complex surgery cases.

Tips once you arrive in Molar City:

Tip 1: Park on the US side of the border.

It is best to park on the US-side of the border and cross by foot as the car line is always longer to go back to the US. The parking lot is run by Native Americans. It is safe as it is a gated parking lot. The cost to park is $6 for the day and $10 for overnight parking, cash only.

Tip 2: Avoid dental hawkers on the streets.

If you have done your own research, avoid the risk of a random recommendation from hawkers. They call them hawkers, pickers, or dental peddlers. You encounter them as you are walking into Los Algodones on your way to your dentist. They lure you with unbelievably cheap prices and a promise of better dental care.

Good and reputable dentists in Los Algodones do not like to work with the hawkers. You may be taken to non-reputable dentists that would expose you to the risks of bad dental work.

Tip 3: Travel with a companion for major dental surgeries.

If you are getting major dental surgery done in Los Algodones, we suggest that you travel with a companion. It is best that you have someone with you and who can bring you to where you'll be staying and stay with you until you are fully recovered from the effects of the IV Sedation.

If you do not have a companion with you, Dayo Dental works with a caregiver company in Arizona that we can recommend. You can make an arrangement with them to accompany you during your surgery in Los Algodones. They can pick you up by the time you finish your surgery and they can bring you to where you'll be staying. They also stay with you until you are fully recovered from the effects of the IV Sedation. The name of the company is Synergy Homecare. Phone number: (928) 817-7172.

Tip 4: Don’t Drive back if you are tired after a long day of dental work.

There is a lot of dental work that can be performed all in one day in Los Algodones. If you are getting dental work all day, especially for full mouth teeth replacement or a full-mouth restoration, it is best that you spend the night in our recommended hotels in Los Algodones or in Yuma, Arizona.

Tip 5: Fill your prescriptions in Mexico.

Once you are done with your dental work, you will be provided with a prescription for pain relief or painkillers and antibiotics that can help you in the healing process. You can bring back up to 3 months' worth of supply of medications into the US as long as it is not under the controlled substance list. You can ask the dental office for recommendations for pharmacies close by.

Aside from getting your dental work done in Los Algodones, Mexico, here are some of the fun things you can do in between your dental appointments:

1. You can dine and enjoy some of their Mexican restaurants.
2. Visit nearby cities in between your dental appointments, such as San Diego, Phoenix, or Las Vegas.
3. Stay at a new Quechan Casino and Resort on the US side with corporate preferred rates provided by Dayo Dental.

To further help you with your research, you can check this link below to know more tips and guide in getting your dental work done in Los Algodones, Mexico:

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