Where should I stay while in Tijuana, Mexico for dental work?

Where should I stay while in Tijuana, Mexico for dental work?

You have an option to stay either in San Diego or in Tijuana. Tijuana is located right across San Diego which takes about 25 minutes to drive from the airport. Most of the dental offices in Tijuana are located in Zona Centro or Dowtown Tijuana which is about 20 min. drive from the border. 

But first. Why stay in Tijuana during your dental work? Is it better to stay on the San Diego side of the border?

Here are some of the advantages of staying at a Tijuana hotel (vs San Diego) during your dental visit:

1. Tijuana hotels cost less than San Diego hotels for the same amenities. San Diego is a hot tourist spot among Americans; hotels tend to get pricey during peak seasons.

2. You avoid the daily walking and car lines at the border. For complex cases, you will have a series of appointments throughout the week to complete your dental work. It's nice to just take a 5 minute Uber ride to your Tijuana dental clinic.

3. You get better bang for the buck with restaurants. And there are lots of great authentic cuisine in TJ. Some are even world-renowned.

4. Free parking. Some hotels in San Diego charge parking. You also have to pay for parking if you leave your car on the US-side of the border.

Most Dayo Dental patients though prefer to stay in Tijuana; preferably at Hotel Ticuan since it is close to our partner TJ dental office which is COE (Centro De Odontologia Especializada) Dental Group.

Regardless, you can find affordable hotels on both sides of the border which are as follows:

List of suggested hotels in Downtown Tijuana:
List of suggested hotels in San Diego within 30 miles radius of the border:

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