Should I go to Tijuana, Mexico for dental work?

Should I go to Tijuana, Mexico for dental work?

Tijuana is a popular destination for affordable dental tourism. Many Americans travel to Tijuana to get major dental work. Here are the reasons why you should do so as well:

1. You save thousands with affordable dentistry.

You can save 50-70% on the cost of your dental work with a dentist in Tijuana, Mexico. For instance, you save approximately $2340 for single implants with a crown by going through Dayo Dental. An implant with a crown in the US costs approximately $4,000 (on the very low end). It only costs approximately $1650 with Dayo Dental.

Tip: Get an estimate with your local dentist first. You can then compare costs with a Tijuana dental office to determine your savings.

2. You get all your procedures done in the same office.

All the specialists work in the same dental office. You don't have to transfer offices for specialty procedures. At Dayo Dental, we have a panel of experienced specialists who can perform everything from simple tooth extraction to more complex procedures like root canal treatment and permanent teeth replacement using dental implants. 

3. You get your dental work done faster.

You get dental work faster because all of the specialists are in one dental office. Also, the dental assistants are typically dentists themselves that speed up the process by doing less critical work.

4. It’s easier to get an appointment.

Appointments are more open. Tijuana Mexico dentists work Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and from 8:00 to 2:00 PM on Saturdays. You can even get a same-day appointment for dental emergencies. Call Dayo Dental for availabilities.

5. You are not rushed.

Consultation appointments in Tijuana, Mexico are usually set at least 45 minutes to 1 hour. This gives the dentist enough time to include a one-on-one comprehensive presentation about your treatment plan. Likewise, it allows you the opportunity to ask questions before you agree to any dental work. 

Tip: Avoid demanding rush dental work beyond your Tijuana dentist’s typical timeframe. This may tempt non-reputable Mexican dentists to use lower quality labs or skip proper dental protocols.  

6.  It’s close to home.

Tijuana is just 25 minutes away from San Diego. You can drive to the dental offices the same-day if you are living in San Diego. It is more convenient as opposed to going to other dental tourism destinations such as Thailand, Costa Rica, or Hungary. Minimal travel is key to dental tourism especially for procedures that require more than one visit.

7. You get guarantees on your dental work.

Tijuana Mexico dentists typically provide a 1 to 3-year guarantee on your dental work. You get a five-year guarantee on your dental work with Dayo Dental (most US dentists don't guarantee their work). You get peace of mind knowing that your new teeth will be ok in case something goes wrong.

8. You can get a vacation while visiting the dental office.

There are plenty of things that you can do while in Tijuana. You can opt for cultural, historical, or art tours in between your dental sessions and experience Tijuana for what it is. Here are the top places to visit in Tijuana:  

  • Avenida Revolucion - 2.7 miles from the border

  • Pasaje Rodriguez - 2.5 miles from the border

  • El Popo Market - 3.0 miles from the border

  • Playas de Tijuana - 8.7 miles from the border

  • Casa de la Cultura - 3.6 miles from the border

  • Plaza Santa Cecilia - 2.5 miles from the border

  • Zona Rio - 2.6 miles from the border

You can also explore San Diego which is right across the border on the US-side. San Diego is a major beach destination in the US. Sea World, Balboa Park, and San Diego Zoo are among the top places to visit. Of course, there are plenty of fun beaches such as Mission, La Jolla, Coronado, and Del Mar beach.

Tip: Plan your itinerary to save time and avoid overspending; you might have nothing left for your dental treatment.

9. The promise of high-quality dentistry. 
Which dentist you see dictates the quality of your dental work. You can receive high-quality dentistry if you go to a licensed and experienced dentist, especially those who are vetted through a qualification process like within the Dayo Dental NetworkDentists in Tijuana also have to undergo continuous education to keep up with the latest innovations in dentistry to attract patients from the US. 

10. It’s safe to go to Tijuana.

There is a lot of misinformation about safety in Tijuana or even Mexico as a whole. Of course, there are parts of Mexico that are not recommended for tourists. But safety issues in Mexico happen among people who are in and around drugs.

Tijuana is safe to travel as a tourist, especially if you are just going for dental work. We have been sending thousands of patients to Tijuana since 2011 and we have not received any safety-related concerns. They were able to get back home safe, sound and happy with their experience.


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