How to travel to Cancun, Mexico for dental work?

How to travel to Cancun, Mexico for dental work?

Cancun is located on the Caribbean side of Mexico. You would have to take a flight to Cancun to get dental work. But many airports in the US and Canada have direct flights to Cancun International Airport (CUN). Here are the steps:

Step 1: Get a passport

Although Cancun is a short flight, it is an international travel destination. You would need a passport. The regular timeframe to get a passport is 4-6 weeks. Or you can expedite it for a fee and get the passport within 2-3 weeks.

Step 2: Schedule your dental work

Book your dental work before you book your flights and hotel. Get definite answers to the following questions from your dentist in Cancun:

  • When is the ideal time to arrive? We recommend that you arrive on a Sunday to get a Monday consultation. This gives the dentist all week to work on your dental case.

  • How long do you need to stay to finish your dental work?

  • Have you prescheduled my dental treatments beyond the consultation? Ensure that you have appointments such as surgery dates blocked with your dentist’s calendar to avoid any delays.

Tip: Avoid pre-booking a lot of touristy activities such as snorkeling, tours or visit to Xcaret until after your initial consultation. Your dentist can only set your exact series of appointments after the consultation. Plus, he may require recovery times such as avoiding the beach after the surgery. Anyway, booking tours and trips are easy once you are in Cancun. Your local dental clinic might actually help you get better deals on tours.

Step 3: Book your flights and hotel

Here are tips when booking your flight and hotel:

Tip 1: Book your flight in advance to get cheaper airfares and hotels. Some of the dentists in our network are highly requested. Some of them get booked months in advance. So book as early as you can to ensure availability.

Tip 2: Book your hotel as close to your dental office as possible. You will likely have multiple appointments during the week; this saves time and the cost of travel. 

Step 4: Arrange for your local transportation

Know how you will get to your hotel and dental appointments once you arrive. Many hotels provide an airport pick up once you arrive.

Tip: When riding local taxis from the airport, ask for the cost first before you agree to the ride. You can also try Uber, although you may have to wait longer.

With Dayo Dental, so just have to arrive at the airport. We arrange for your complimentary airport pickup to your hotel. Our partner dental office will also provide complimentary transportation back and forth between your dental appointments. You just have to stay in the Hotel Zone or Downtown Cancun area for the free transportation. See the map below to locate the Hotel Zone or Downtown Cancun.

Cancun - where to stay for dental workCancun - where to stay for your dental work

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