How do I find the best dentist in Tijuana, Mexico for dental implants

How do I find the best dentist in Tijuana, Mexico for dental implants?

Finding the best dentist for dental implants in Tijuana, Mexico is can be challenging. It requires a lot of research and time. We don't recommend going to Tijuana for dental implants without doing your research, much less choosing a random dentist.

Now to cut the chase, how do you pick the best dentist for dental implants in Tijuana, Mexico?

Here are the main questions to consider to find the best implant dentist:

1. Has the implant surgeon attended postgraduate courses and training?

Postgraduate implant courses are not required and they are expensive. Hence, not all implant surgeons in Mexico continually get postgraduate studies and training. There are some who perform complex dental implant procedures even with minimal training. Unfortunately, some patients have to spend more money to redo their work. Only the best implant surgeons take regular courses and training in advanced dentistry to remain up-to-date with their skills and knowledge. They keep up with the latest advancements and technologies to remain competent.

Dr. Marco Tulio, our partner implant specialist in Tijuana, Mexico has attended postgraduate courses and training taught by leading oral surgeons in the US like Dr. Carl Misch of Misch International Implant Institute, Dr. Mohamed Sharawy from Georgia, and Dr. Paul Fugazzotto.

Tip: Choose a Mexico implant surgeon that takes regular courses in advanced dentistry, especially for the type of procedure you need. Dental implant procedures have different levels of complexity. Here's a full guide on how to get dental implants in Mexico successfully.

One of Dayo Dental's clients who just finished getting full mouth implants and replacement teeth.

2. How many implants have the specialist installed in his entire career? What type of implant procedures has he performed?

The number of implants the specialist has installed in his entire career and the complexity of the implant procedures performed dictates his experience level. An implant specialist who has installed less than a hundred implants is still a beginner. In contrast, an implant specialist who has installed 5,000 implants including full mouth implants like the All on Four Procedures indicates expertise. Dr. Marco Tulio, our partner implant specialist in Tijuana, Mexico has installed more than 5,000 implants since 2012, including complex implant procedures like the All on Four, All on Six, and Implant Dentures.

Tip: Choose a dental implant specialist with a complex level of experience. Dentists with this level of experience are those who have installed more than 5,000 implants in their career. They have performed all levels of implant cases, especially full mouth reconstruction. They regularly attend advanced-level courses and conferences in the US and Europe. You are still saving significantly by going to Tijuana, Mexico. Why not choose the best? 

All on 4 implants in Tijuana, MexicoAll on 4 dental implants in Tijuana, Mexico

3. Is the implant surgeon trustworthy? Does he take accountability for his work?

The last thing you want is to end up with a dishonest, unethical, and unreliable Tijuana dentist. There are some dentists who would recommend full mouth implants even though some of your teeth are still savable with implant bridges in combination with crowns. Some don't stand behind their guarantee when the situation gets tough. Either they can’t fix their mistake or they don´t want to spend the money to redo your work entirely.

It´s unfortunate. We know because we get a lot of clients who have been to other unethical dentists (both in Mexico and US) outside our network and are going through us to redo the work. Oftentimes, the damage done is irreversible.

That is why always, always do your research and be meticulous in choosing who to work on your implants. Our partner implant surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico would tell you honestly which procedure is ideal in your case. He offers a reliable five-year guarantee as a requirement to be part of the Dayo Dental Network. As a testament to his ethics, he is one of the few dentists designated by the Mexican Government as an expert witness in faulty implant cases.

4. Is the implant specialist using brand-name dental implants?

The type of implant brands used by your dentist matters a lot. Some dentists in Tijuana offer cheap prices for dental implants, but they use generic or cheap dental implant brands. Low-quality implants could have a higher failure rate. Plus, many startup implant brands go out of business, leaving you with no parts to restore your implants a few years down the road.

Dr. Marco Tulio, our partner implant specialist in Tijuana, Mexico uses Neodent by Straumann, which is one of the top brands in the US and Europe.

Example of low-quality implants installed in Mexico. It didn't last long and came out.Example of low-quality implants installed in Mexico. It didn't last long and came out.

5. Does the implant surgeon speak and understand English fluently?

Communication in English is very important. It eliminates future issues and constraints between you and your dentist especially at the start when you establish the best treatment plan. The dentist should understand your goals, history, lifestyle, budget, etc. to come up with the best recommendations tailored for you. The best implant dentists in Mexico speak English fluently. At Dayo Dental, we ensure that we send you to a dentist that speaks English effectively.

Tip: Choose an implant surgeon who knows how to speak English fluently. If possible, request a phone conversation with the dentist prior to traveling to Tijuana. Some specialists there might offer translators as you are sitting on the dental chair but don't rely on that. It works, but it can get quite challenging.

The answers to the aforementioned questions are your keys to finding the best dentist for dental implants not just in Tijuana, but in Mexico as a whole. The bottom line is that you should do your research. This minimizes potential issues which can double or triple your cost due to rework plus the often irreversible damage to your health.