How do I find the best dentist in Nogales, Mexico for dental implants?

How do I find the best dentist in Nogales, Mexico for dental implants?

Going to Nogales for dental implants? This article provides great tips on how to find the best dentist.

What does one bring to mind when talking about dentistry? 

Pricing? Yes, this factor usually appears to be on top of most patients' lists.

Location of the dental office? Could be. The closer the dental office is, the better. 

Number of Trips? Truly a concern if the dental office is located quite a distance.

Expertise and Specialization of the dentist? We say that these should be the topmost priorities when getting dental implants done in Nogales, Mexico.

For so long, Americans and Canadians have been slammed by the rising costs of dental procedures in the US and Canada. Most people had to sacrifice and delay getting their teeth fixed. Thus, prolonging their agony of having to live with poorly functional teeth.

Others would even resort to visiting dental facilities that provide cheap prices without checking the years of experience and qualifications of their dentists. It seems like pricing is becoming the big luring factor nowadays. This should not be the case - you get what you pay for. You may be able to get your implant work done considerably less but was it done following high standards, using top-of-the-line materials? 

The lack of research or not doing their homework is the main reason why most patients fall victims to faulty dental work.

In the search for high-quality but affordable dental work, people have gone far and wide indeed. A proof would be Mexico. This country has become a popular destination for dental tourism. Nogales, for example, is one of those well-known towns in Mexico where people flock in the hopes of restoring their beautiful smiles. This holds true most especially to those coming from Arizona looking to get dental implants. 

In searching for the best dentist in Nogales, Mexico for dental implants, below are 8 key questions to ask:

1. Does the dentist have the required experience and training level?

When getting dental implants done, educating oneself, doing research, and being selective are the main pointers to keep in mind. Your implant case becomes complicated when you get faulty implant work done.

To get dental implants done successfully in Nogales or anywhere else in Mexico, you need to ensure that the experience and training level of the dentist matches the complexity of the implant work you need -- be it beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Check out this guide to help you choose the best implant dentist in Nogales, Mexico based on complexity.

Here at Dayo Dental, you are guaranteed that your implant case will be handled by a dentist who has had several years of experience coupled with comprehensive and up-to-date training. Many dentists in our network have specialized training from top Mexico and US dental schools.

2. Are you seeing a good and ethical implant specialist in Nogales?

A good and ethical dentist in Nogales, Mexico would never sacrifice the quality of work over speed and convenience. A famous saying from Moliere goes, "Unreasonable haste is the direct road to error". A dentist who agrees to perform a rush dental procedure may bypass dental protocols which can result in faulty dental work. This is truly unethical. 

When getting dental implants done, know that it is very important to have good bone structure and to follow the standard healing process. An experienced specialist down there may tell you that you are not a candidate for immediate load implants because they still need to build up your bone. 

Do not demand rush dental implant work. Ensure that the implant specialist follows high standard protocols. Being a good dentist is one thing but being ethical takes it to a different level.

3. Does the dentist follow safety and infection control guidelines?

Safety, a word that resonates in our heads when we start to explore seeing a foreign dentist. ¨Is it safe to travel to Nogales, Mexico for dental work?¨, ¨How safe is it to get my teeth restored by a Mexican dentist?¨, ¨Do dentists in Mexico follow ADA rules and guidelines when it comes to safety and sanitation?¨. These are just a few of the questions we are asked by patients involving safety. 

A superior dentist in Mexico considers the safety of his patients as one of his top priorities. He establishes office-wide protocols and makes certain that these are followed strictly by all the staff. Proper sterilization of equipment, safety guidelines in emergencies, and maintaining a clean dental office to name a few.

These dentists also have to ensure the safety and well-being of their patients when COVID-19 hit the entire world.  The pandemic imprinted its marks on dentistry which required Mexico dentists to take extra precautionary measures.

Dentists who are part of the Dayo Dental network religiously wear protective equipment whenever they deal with patients -- from face masks, face shields, head and shoe caps, and protective suits. Social distancing is imposed. Temperature and symptom checks are in place. Disinfection of the entire dental offices is performed regularly

It is impressive to know how these top Mexico dentists look after the safety of their patients. You will even be more impressed when you get to the actual dental office and witness them adhere to their protocols and guidelines.

4. Does the dentist provide a reliable guarantee for your implant procedure?

One of the main reasons why Dayo Dental is proud of its partner implant dentists is the very fact that they stand by their work. They offer a 5-year peace of mind guarantee which truly stands out among dental offices because the guarantee is RELIABLE. Dayo Dental also holds them accountable to that guarantee.

We understand how costly and frustrating it is to receive bad dental work, most especially when it is an extensive treatment performed in another country. This gave us the drive to ensure that when we perform our screening process, we see to it that the dentist (other than him being highly qualified and reputable) is someone whom you can trust to stand by the guarantee that we require all our partner dentists to adhere to.

5. Does the dentist use a high-quality laboratory?

The best dentists in Nogales use different specialized labs which are known to deliver strong and superior quality results. Yes, a number of dentists in this border city own a lab but this does not make them more qualified than the others. They may not have the best technician or equipment to use at their labs, especially for specialty procedures like implant crowns and full-arch prosthesis.

Our partner dental specialist in Nogales already has his own lab but still, he continues to send his lab work to established Mexico and US labs. He knows that even if he has exceptional preparation and installation skills, these can easily be canceled out by bad lab work.

6. Does the dentist use top-of-the-line materials?

The best dentists in Mexico use only top implant brands. They do not use generic ones. Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Biohorizon and MIS are name brand dental implants used by dentists in our network. These brands are also used by top US dental facilities. 

When traveling to Nogales for dental implants, it is crucial to verify with your dentist if they use top-of-the-line implant brands. Why? These leading implant brands have been tried and tested. They have delivered long-term and superior results.

7. Can the dentist speak fluent English?

At Dayo Dental, we believe that effective communication plays a vital role in the success of an extensive treatment like dental implants. We feel that it is best to send you to a dentist who can properly explain his recommended treatment and course of action. After all, it is your teeth, health, and self-confidence at stake.

Excellent dentists in Nogales, Mexico can speak fluent English. They take the time to learn the language to ensure that their patients can fully understand each and every single discussion. They overcome one of the most common issues when crossing the border for dental work - the language barrier.

8. Who is Dayo Dental´s featured dentist in Nogales?

Dr. Jose Luis Espinoza is one of the best implant dentists in Nogales, Mexico. He has been thoroughly screened and selected by our network. Aside from being a Periodontist, dental implants are his specialty. 

To get to know more about the credentials and background of this passionate implant specialist in Nogales, kindly click on the link below:

Finding the best dentist in Nogales, Mexico for dental implants can sometimes be overwhelming. That is the reason why we exist, why Dayo Dental exists. We would like to help you in your pursuit of a life-changing happiness. Doing research on your own is never easy, let us be of service to you. We can answer more of your questions. Just feel free to reach out to us at (877) 987-3296. We are looking forward to seeing you smile again!