Where should I stay in Los Algodones during my dental appointment?

Where should I stay in Los Algodones during my dental appointment?

You can make a day-trip to visit a dentist in Los Algodones if you are within driving distance. You can drive early in the morning, complete your dental work the same day, and drive back to your home in the afternoon, all in one day.

You can also stay overnight or a few days during your dental appointments in Mexico especially if you need major dental work. You have the option to stay on the US-side (Yuma, Arizona) or on the Mexico-side (Los Algodones, Mexico).

Below are the recommended hotels for you to check. You may click on the following links to view more information about the hotel. Call Dayo Dental at 877-987-3296 for corporate rates at these hotels if you plan to use our network for your dental work in Los Algodones.

Yuma, Arizona Hotels

Best Western Inn Suites

This hotel is located at 1450 S Castle Dome Avenue Yuma, Arizona 85365 United States. That is right off Interstate 8 next to the Yuma Palms Mall and near the Marine Corps Air Station. Phone: (928) 783-8341.

This hotel is 1 mile north of Los Algodones on the US-side.  This is located at 525 Algodones Rd, Winterhaven, CA 92283, USA. Phone: (877) 783-2426. 

Los Algodones, Mexico Hotels

California Comfort & Suites 

We recommend this hotel if you prefer to stay on the Mexico-side. This is located in Calzada Saratoga, Vicente Guerrero, 21970 Vicente Guerrero, B.C., Mexico. It's 5-10 minutes walking distance from any of our partner dentists in Los Algodones. 
Phone: (928) 387-1802.

Tip:  Going to Los Algodones for major dental implant surgery such as All on 4 dental implants? Having IV sedation surgery? Book a night at California Comfort and Suites during your day of dental surgery. Our partner dental office will shuttle you to the hotel in Los Algodones right after the surgery for you to recover for the night. You avoid having to walk across the border or drive to Yuma if you are still drowsy from the surgery. 
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